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Our Mission: 

Your Success Is Our Success- We exist to help you meet your goals whether that be having a team of RNs, LPNs, and/or CNAs that work well together, keeping your financial bottom line in line, or making sure health outcomes improve and get stronger. 

Our Values: 

Consistent Quality- We built Health Equity Staffing with the long term in mind. You can only have consistent success if you provide consistent quality. Everyday we evaluate the steps we take that are providing strong results and making sure our processes are sustainable. 

Compassionate Care- We understand that you are going through some of the toughest times and always make sure to find the best solution in the most caring way possible. 

Ethical Solutions- We operate ethically and do not want anyone to ever feel take advantage of. We go out of our way to make sure the solutions we provide facilities, nurses, and patients are done with the highest ethics.

We are Health Equity Staffing. Our company was founded with one goal in mind: solutions.  An unprecedented amount of healthcare workers have left their full time positions to pursue other career goals in recent times.  This flight has left thousands of facilities with staff shortage crises.  Consistent understaffed shifts has made it difficult to retain some of the best employees. 

Our company’s name was derived from our founders’ passion to help facilities give patients a chance at equal outcomes. Patients are getting sicker and the acuity of patient care for them is rising.  There is pressure put on facilities to maintain staffing numbers to combat these issues.  Many necessary procedures are now being considered “elective” because resources are so scarce.  More people are getting sicker as they wait for these new defined electives.  
In order to combat this inequality we are here to provide the hands that are needed to care for those who need them most.  We want to help alleviate the stress of your current staff so that they can use those hands to properly care for those in need.  
We want to gain trust and respect from our community.  We want to bring back that work-family feel with our employees and our partners.  We want to serve you! How can we help?
Ashtynn Baltimore, MBA
Marissa Cunningham, BSN, RN

LEADERSHIP: Team Members


LEADERSHIP: Testimonials

HES is the best agency I have interacted with. They are organized and communicate. Best customer service and easiest to work with.

Tyler Markeson

Choosing HES to work with our facility was the best decision that we could have made. They always have nurses for us and the highest quality nurses.

Kris Michaels

I came to HES hoping for a team that cared about how nurses worked together on the floor. We weren't disappointed. HES makes it a point to have their nurses mold well with the current nurses on staff.

Brittany Thompson

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