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Medical Team

Our goal at Health Equity Staffing is to provide top quality staff to help build a team that provides quality care for all patients. 

We achieve this by:


We have a rigorous screening and selection process to ensure that the nursing staff you receive is prepared and ready on Day 1.


o Get the best quality of care
o Provide team members who will work well with your existing staff
o Reduce the cost of onboarding and training

o Your facilities financial bottom line is kept in line with fair rates
o Prevent burnout from excess overtime and shift shortages

Health Equity Staffing professionals are experts in the nuances of the healthcare field and collaborate with clients across the country in a variety of healthcare settings. Our RNs, LPNs, and CNAs approach each engagement with a commitment to setting and exceeding the standard for quality in healthcare.

Whether your needs are short or long term, Health Equity Staffing provides flexible service options and highly qualified medical talent.

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ABOUT: Testimonials

HES is the best agency I have interacted with. They are organized and communicate. Best customer service and easiest to work with.

Tyler Markeson

Choosing HES to work with our facility was the best decision that we could have made. They always have nurses for us and the highest quality nurses.

Kris Michaels

I came to HES hoping for a team that cared about how nurses worked together on the floor. We weren't disappointed. HES makes it a point to have their nurses mold well with the current nurses on staff.

Brittany Thompson

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